We are Food & Nutrition team.

Patricia Miller

As certified chef & holistic nutrition specialists, we work alongside hotels & spas, restaurants & people like you and me, all over the world.

The smallest steps, like changing what you have for breakfast, can really impact your entire day: bye bye brain fog, farewell anxiety, & hello energetic & super-productive me! Just imagine what these tiny changes can do for you in the long term…

Somewhere along the way, we forgot that food should care for our body and ou mind. Let’s reconnect with eating habits that are good to us by getting back in touch with natural whole foods we process ourselves with techniques that bring the best out of them for us. You’ll find these are make the most satisfying, coloured and yummy meals too.

amanda & Johny Cook

We should all know how to cook what’s best for us without ever being bored.

Sure, natural foods are great for us. But to be honest, we are often more comfortable with our smartphone than a butternut or something as foreign to us as raw cocoa. I strongly believe that knowledge comes from practice, and nowhere else. So sharing know-how to make practicing easier is paramount. Happiness comes in part from what we eat, but it also relies on how kind we are to ourselves.