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Available throughout the upper Saint-François


The kitchen groups

A collective kitchen consists of four stages : 

  • The planning process; 
  • The purchases; 
  • The cooking day;
  • The assessment. 

During the planning stage, the participants select the recipes, determine the number of portions, and estimate the budget. 

Then they go shopping. 

Finally, they meet again to cook the dishes, which they then divide proportionally according to the number of people in the household. 

At the appropriate time, the group evaluates the progress of the meeting, the recipes and the team spirit.

Products available for free, to make cooking accessible!

Collective kitchens provide non-perishable foods (such as flour, spices, oil, leguminous plants, etc.) free of charge to make your favorite recipes.

We offers this service with the aim of making cooking more accessible, economical and enjoyable for all its members.

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The mini-chefs of the HSF

Our community animators are happy to lead culinary activities with young people aged 0 to 17. These activities are carried out in partnership with:

  • Childcare services;
  • Schools;
  • Summer day camps
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Our kitchen in your environment

We are pleased to work in partnership with various organizations, such as:

  • Education centres; 
  • Mental health organisations; 
  • Women’s centres; 
  • Carrefour jeunesse emploi; 
  • Etc.
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Workshop for families

Our community animators also organize workshops to equip parents with various cooking and parenting skills. These workshops take place in the presence of parents and their child(ren) and generate fun for all!


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